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Architettura della Fame e della Sete

Architettura della Fame e della Sete

Università la Sapienza Pisa
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The architectural structures that I create and dedicate to Hunger and Thirst combine all my ideas of shape and nutriment. These structures are the synthesis of my whole background in food, the entire panorama of flavors, memories and experiences that has been handed down to me, today, from generations before me. It’s a precious inheritance from those who guided me and those who passed their knowledge on to me.

The shape of this Architettura expresses my will to have Man keep a close rapport with Nature. Individuals build structures that point to the sky, but every structure has roots in nature. My gesture is pure, my buildings are simple, solid, robust and stable. They are hard to destroy and even harder to transform. The materials they’re built with are functional, essential, even to those who have never known what war and famine really are.

With Architettura della Fame e della Sete I share food, heritage and memories with you as if we were together in a piazza, or around the kitchen table, with family, with friends. We share the same gestures and drink from the same font. And we eat from the same house, searching with our senses for the flavors that remind us of who we really are.

Andrea Salvetti




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