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Armadio della sposa con bambino

Armadio della Sposa

Varnished and bronzed cast high gloss aluminum
Numbered Series
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This piece tells an imaginary story about a very special woman. It came to me in a flash of time between something that really happened and a vision of long future ahead. The vision seemed so real it cancelled the present and suspended it in a dimension of uncertainty.

It’s the story of a woman who might suddenly arrive then stay forever or a woman who never left but wanted to. A woman who doesn’t have time to think about it now, but who would like to change something fundamental without too much fuss. Enough, it’s time.

It’s not really clear what happened out there, if it was Venus or the Virgin. If a layer of white paint would be enough to cover up what happened, because you can see from the crushed grass in the field that the perpetrators left hurriedly.

It’s a piece that tells a gentle story, that speaks about a love that is profound and refined, that doesn’t hurt, that tastes good, that I hope never ends.

Andrea Salvetti

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