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Con Molto Piacere

Con Molto Piacere

48° Biennale of Venice
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The project got its name from the relational art event at the 48th Biennale di Venezia where it was held for the first time, also called “Con Molto Piacere,” With Great Pleasure. The work revolves around the unusual use of a substance, bitumen, normally used for paving roads, not for cooking. I got the idea from a friend who knew about a cooking method that highway workers use on the job: hot bitumen as a heat source for cooking. Doing some research on the subject I learned that highway workers have been using this technique for years.

Bitumen is used in making asphalt and to seal cracks: it’s cheap and dirty by nature. I was attracted by the thought that a material as inherently disgusting as bitumen could be used to prepare foods, which are precious by nature. The concept of uniting materials that are so different in substance, typology and daily use, of uniting opposites, attracted me and became my goal.

Con Molto Piacere became an exploration of “bad” and “good” that focused on the inherent nature of materials and showed how they can coexist and work together while respecting confines and boundaries.

Andrea Salvetti

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