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Cm 120x210x1000h
Anodized aluminium
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I wanted to create a work of art that would stand up in Nature with the same poise and determination of the native animals and the people who live in that area, with the same desire to rise from the ground they are rooted in and up to eternity. My vision was for a single shape or sign, something light but determined and brave.

A horn grows from an animal’s head in much the same way that a bell tower rises from a church, a tree from a field or a mountain from the hills. A horn is a something to be proud of; it’s a symbol of power, a weapon for conquering or a means for self defence. It shows the desire to rise up and look to the skies.

I once read that every man who wants to rise out of his surroundings builds a tower and that idea struck me. In Corno I wanted to create a symbol that would show the search for a better way. But this time I followed Nature’s and not man’s way.

I chose to follow Nature to be in harmony with her and to show my respect. I just couldn’t imagine a manmade tower in a place where even humans are dwarfed by the majesty of the mountains. So I mimicked the pride and the strength of the native fauna and created a horn, Corno.

Andrea Salvetti

Rivincita Naturale 2014


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