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cm 450x450x280
Anodized aluminum, LED lights
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Simone Micheli’s vision for the foyer of the Hotel B4 in Milan reminded me of futuristic ‘70s sci-fi films, where the boundaries of the real and the imagined world are explored and where people try and create a model of the world that future generations will live in. A world that only looks forward and that readily accepts unexpected mutations as if they were an integral part of progress.

I ran through this vision in my mind and thought about how it related to my own personal experiences. I looked for a way to express my own vision by pushing my mental boundaries forward, away from ancestral memories and towards a new dimension where both message and solution are clear.

It was as if I had to tell the story of the end of time.

Damigelle, dragonflies, is my way to adapt my vision of nature to a Micheli’s futuristic world. These flying insects inhabit the world of the future bringing light and lightness to it. It’s as if they are lit from within by life itself, as if they reflect a luminous dew.

Dragonflies have existed for millennia, even before dinosaurs. In them I saw the perfect vehicles for my vision of the planet to come. So ancient yet so futuristic, so resistant yet so apparently delicate. Ephemeral like all the best things in life.

Andrea Salvetti
Lucca 06 ottobre 2011

Work in progress

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