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My Sausage Recipe

Creamed boiled rabbit with olive oil

Blended lightly then chopped fine with mashed potatoes

With chopped carrots and a dash of lemon juice

That gradually becomes broiled hake

Then raw whitefish

Anchovies with their bones and toads

No frogs with bread

And home made olive oil with

Cheese spread stuffed with peas and kept together

With lightly scrambled eggs and strips

Of bacon with diced mozzarella pieces

Of fresh tomato used as a simple and spicy sauce

With macceroni and meat sauce that

Tastes like hamburgers with

Raw onion for heartburn

That is the intro to hand-chopped fassona

Steak tartar with tagiasca olives that then becomes a

Char-grilled bistecca Fiorentina that then jumps to

Red raspberries that introduce

Raw wild boar then a more tame cooked version

With prunes and red wine and slow-braised muscle that is tender

Then rough polenta from Garfagnana that’s good with

The local pecorino cheese but also taleggio and gorgonzola from further north

With sweet and sour onions and chocolate

Then herbed pie crust with rice raisins cinnamon and sugar ricotta and

Buccellato soaked in scotch black coffee

and more..

All of these ingredients were packed into a length of natural intestine filled with a mixture that changes gradually and has new surprises at each bend and turn to remind me of the flavors of my whole life  a path and a precise idea that changes where you can have a lot but not everything and you end up eating a lot of things you didn’t expect to.

Andrea Salvetti



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