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I imagined a future civilization that had destroyed its heritage of good and beautiful things created in the past. I reflected on the consequences of our industrial model based on the use of energy, blindly looking for profit more than progress, a distorted and nebulous scenario where all available resources including water have been burned. A terrible future that would be the natural and inevitable consequence of our bad habits today.

I envisioned a deep layer of culture and nature, where memories float freely and fossil fuel and its byproducts sink heavily. There I found the dividing line between good and bad.

For this piece I chose both animal and vegetable materials that become trapped when heat passes from one layer to the next binding all together.

I don’t know if I have created naturalia or artificialia in this contemporary fossil made from oxidized bitumen, pheasant, potatoes and cabbage, but I do know that the human condition depends on the choices we make. Balance and equilibrium are the central themes of our search for boundaries.

Andrea Salvetti


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