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cm 440x350x360h
Painted aluminium, technical component
(sound sculpture)
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This monumental piece is bright yellow and is shaped like a funnel, or a bell, or a gramophone horn. It rests directly on the ground because it’s made to be discovered and used. It’s beautiful, but it’s also functional because inside there’s a mechanism that makes the whole structure vibrate with sound.

You can use Phonoflora to play a soundtrack or other ambient music from an MP3 player so that the piece becomes an integral and interactive part of its surroundings.

Nature suggests the forms and functions of our daily lives and is also the inspiration for this piece. By paying close attention to even the smallest natural phenomena we can find the solutions for the most difficult aspects of modern life. That’s why I created a “noisy” piece, a piece that carries a message that needs to be heard, even if it has to be shouted out.

Andrea Salvetti, 2015

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