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Pork Design

Pork Design

Mobile coocking
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Pork Design is a Scultura da Fuoco, sculpture created for flame. I crafted it with my own hands, looking back on memories of campfires, where the earth and rocks, the shape of the pots and the source of heat contributed to the flavour of the foods. Old style cookers that were stove, oven and cook top all in one and had to be kept constantly stoked. Practical, intelligent, economical, multifunctional common sense in design.

Thinking about the best way to live and prepare my idea of food, bringing my distant memories to life for the way that we live today, I created Pork Design. Shaping metal like a tailored suit that becomes a part of what’s inside it when the heat slowly penetrates the different ingredients inside that all then simmer together.

Together with the chef Damiano Donati we prepared a fire that would give off energy to transform our memories and experiences from the past into good ideas for the future. You can eat well, enjoying your food, digesting it all and assimilating just the nutrients that you need.

Andrea Salvetti



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