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Tavola Conviviale

Tavola Conviviale

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Andrea’s artistic vision sees food’s real value as going way beyond the confines of the dish it’s served in to become the physical representation of culture, ethics and aesthetics. Food that expresses all of theses values is art whose frame is a dish, whose context is a table and whose moment is the meal: a convivial time where food for thought also feeds the body. This is the time and space, both geographical and metaphysical, where Paolo Lopriore’s cooking enters into play. Using objects created by the artist Salvetti, the chef Lopriore gives shape and substance to their shared idea of the quintessence of Italy: a freeform rapport between food, history and cultural context.
Andrea’s objects allow Paolo to bring energy out from the kitchen and into the dining room. The table itself then becomes the focus point of a gastronomic exchange between the chef who creates and his patrons who consume. It’s a new balance that revolves around a kind of expressive freedom. Each person around the table can choose what to eat following his personal tastes and guidelines proposed by the chef. Using this approach, ingredients become primary materials at the center of a transformation that requires a more complex rapport with the foods than just ordering from a menu does. Freed from the confines of a dish, foods are seen in a new light. We hope that everyone who uses Tavola Conviviale objects will enjoy creativity beyond the codes and confines of table manners.




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