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Tavoli da Cucina

Tavoli da Cucina

Table: cm 150x150x90h
Brass, copper, alluminium, stainless steel
Type of barbecue
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This piece falls somewhere between design, sculpture and food-performance and is the synthesis of the themes that run through my most recent work: two very simple and fine brass tables with tabletops designed to hold charcoal, brought to life by live heat where my sculptural pots in aluminum and copper can be placed directly.

Like elements in a still life that shine against a black background, like primary materials waiting to become ingredients, like pots on a flame, like sculptures in a plaza, like found objects, like vegetables at the local produce market.

I thought of all the moments of my life spent around the kitchen table and remembered the local tradition where farming families did all kinds of chores and celebrated all sorts of rites-all around the table.

The objects that I put on the table are sculptures, first and foremost, but they are also pots and pans that contain foods specially prepared to be cooked on these tables that are also barbecues.

Meat, fish, vegetables, soups, pasta and even desserts can be made on I Tavoli; the shapes of the pots suggest the types of foods that should be cooked in them. The final touch comes from the talent of the chef/interpreter and his control of the primitive heat of fire. He is the director and the table is his theater.

After the performance comes a moment of sharing. The audience smells the aromas and tastes the flavors. They ingest and they digest and, after having enjoyed with just their eyes, in the end they understand the substance of this work and of all art that lies somewhere between the parallel worlds of food and sociability.

Andrea Salvetti

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