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Trota Mailata

Trota Mailata

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The Pig Trout, a Total Animal

During the past few decades we have all eaten grains and vegetables that have been genetically modified, meat from animals that have been bred and selected to be free of defects and already immune to certain diseases. Clearly, this was done for our own good, to protect our health against viruses that can jump from animals to man and to enable single crop farming and intensive breeding to help feed the world’s growing population.

Researchers have begun creating hybrids that go far beyond square watermelons and apples that taste like peaches. I’ve heard that a new kind of turkey (I think it’s called LC13) that has been created with modified DNA so that it only has a huge breast. No need for legs or even wings as it will never walk or fly from its coop. All it has to do in life is give us lots of white breast meat.

I wanted to make my own contribution to scientific research and help resolve the problems of world hunger and disease. Using my own ideas, my conscience and my passion for food I created a special animal that I prepared for guests hoping that they would appreciate its innovative qualities, purpose-created for their delight. It took hours of study, long consultations with specialized technicians and much work, but finally I was able to create a Total Animal, perfect for feeding the world: Trota Maialata, the Pig Trout. And it wasn’t easy.

Andrea Salvetti


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